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The Elemental Woman

[EW Blog] Awakening the Wood Element: Do you Hear the Call?

by Sarah Medlicott

Awakening Your Wood Series:

Do you Hear the Call?

In the Wood Element season, we learn to have a clear vision, a solid plan and how to become unstoppable, yet flexible, in the pursuit of realizing your vision.

I was reflecting on a story that I heard the other day.

Hawk in flightAbraham Hicks was talking about hearing a hawk calling during her meditation. The hawk was calling, and calling, and calling. It really intruded her meditation and she found herself getting annoyed.

But then she realized what was happening. See, the mother hawk leaves her nest and calls to her young. She calls until the baby leaps and takes flight out of the nest.

What's calling you out of your nest right now?

That’s what it takes. A leap of faith and trust that you can fly. That everything within you was naturally engineered to fulfill your highest purpose and whatever you need to succeed is within you or within your reach right now.

You may read these words and say, "That sounds nice, but you don't know my circumstances."

Remember, "pain pushes until vision pulls." Tune into the vision that's calling you right now. The more the vision pulls, the less you need the pain to push you. And, now is the time for vision.

Grow to the light of your visionBe mindful of where your attention is focused. I'm not saying don't give any attention to the things that may be pushing you, but notice if you're letting fear or frustration from these obligations distract you from your purpose.

For example, say, “I am a musician. Every day, music is pouring forth from me. “ That is vision pulling. Pain pushing sounds like, “I’d like to focus on my music more because I’ve been too busy.”

It takes practice to stay tuned into your calling. Here are 5 key ways to cultivate greater clarity so you can stay focused and on track with your vision!

Or, “I'm an entrepreneur. Every day the perfect opportunities arise to discover new clients with ease and joy.” Rather than, “I've got to get new clients s so I can pay my bills.”

Don’t cloud who you are with the story of your circumstance. It takes practice to stay tuned into your calling. Below are 5 key ways to cultivate greater clarity so you can stay focused and on track with your vision!


5 Ways to Cultivate Clarity

1. Get out of your head and into your heart

Lead from your HeartAs a Spirit-driven entrepreneur, the best place to run your business from is your heart. If you're feeling scattered or unfocused, stop. Take a breath. As you breathe in, feel yourself connecting to Spirit. Allow that energy to fill your body with light as you release any tension. Imagine any fear or worry just draining away. Ah, that feels better, doesn't it?

While you are the person in charge of your business, your business is so much bigger than you. Your business is the expression of pure Source living through you. Take time to tune into what Spirit wants for you in your business. Imagine you are fully supported & guided. Right now. There is nothing lacking, nothing missing, and nothing wrong. Breathe into your heart and ask for inspiration.

2. Meditate

Meditation helps to clear anxiety, release worries and tune into your vision. Start by centering and quieting the mind. Focus on your breath - breathing in & out. Detach from your mind and observe any thoughts you have. Imagine standing on the bank of a river, watching your thoughts float by, with no judgment. Here you may tap into gratitude, abundance, peace and serenity. You may experience a sense of replenishment, and an emergence of inspiration.

I remember a story that comedian entrepreneur Kyle Cease once shared. He was struggling to fill a live event and rather than panic, he practiced meditation. In his relaxed state, he was filled with inspiration for a video, which he immediately shot & published to social media. Within 24 hours, his course filled!

There are many forms of meditation. Find one that supports you to access clarity, guidance, and inspiration.

3. Visualize

Imagine what you want and create a picture or collage to remind you where you’re headed. If you imagine leading programs, feel what it’s like in front of the crowded room with your audience smiling up at you, fully engaged. The key to visualization is to create an emotional connection to the vision being realized. Let your imagination cultivate images of what you really want, then feel them.

4. Write

Cultivate a writing practice. Every day or each week, create time to write. Allow your thoughts to pour onto the page. You can let your freeform thoughts flow, or you can hone in on a topical question to get your juices going.

Here are some great questions to spark you and your business vision:

  • Who do I love working with? How can I reach them today?
  • What do my ideal clients need right now that I can provide?
  • Who are the most inspiring people that work with my ideal client? How can I connect with them?
  • If I knew I couldn't fail, what would I be doing right now?
  • What am I expecting right now, and is it consistent with what I say I want?

5. Mastermind

I always say to my clients, "Your mind is like a bad neighborhood, don't go there alone." This is so true when it comes to bringing new ideas into form. It's important to have someone or a group of like-minded people to get feedback and inspiration. Choose people who are up to big things, like you, and who will tell you the honest truth. Get together with your mastermind group on a regular basis to review your business ideas or content and help you stay on track.

And if you need more support, join me for the Wood Element Activation call tomorrow. Register here!


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