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The Elemental Woman

Welcome To The Elemental Woman Ambassador Program

Thank you for your passion and desire to support a new paradigm for women in business. Being an Elemental WomanAmbassador is more than just an affiliate relationship so that you can gain passive income. We're committed to forging new ways for women to collaborate and support each other. As such, it is important to share the resources we know can help. That's why we create strong relationships with collaborative partners like you - to share the wealth and serve more people.

You do not need to own or manage a website to become an Ambassador for the Elemental Woman.  Active Social Media profiles on sites like Facebook and Twitter are perfect platforms for promoting the Elemental Woman.

Becoming an Ambassador for The Elemental Woman is SIMPLE! Just apply, post a link to our website, (via special HTML codes provided by us), refer people who purchase from us, and receive a big check.

Marketing Partners receive a baseline 10% commission for any referrals you send who purchase a program. For specific campaigns, we may increase the incentives and offer fun bonus prizes and giveback contests. 

If you're interested in becoming a super-ambassador, we have a few spots each year for high level promotional partners who will receive a larger percentage of commission for reaching a minimum commitment each campaign. Please contact our Ambassador manager at to learn more.

We are also committed to giving back with every campaign we do. When we run a big launch, we'll create some great ways for you to promote. In return for great results, we'll donate to specific charities and programs that we believe in - from Pachamama Alliance to Kiva and more!

Once you sign up for our Ambassador Program, you'll be assigned a unique Affiliate ID Number and receive a unique link which identifies your ambassador status to use when you promote the site. Everyone who clicks through your link carries your Affiliate ID Number with them.

As soon as the orders from your links start coming in, you make money!

We do the hard part: handle the order, the billing and will take great care of your people. And pay you a commission for the sale! The more you share your passion about the Elemental Woman, the more you'll inspire others to invest in themselves as well, and the more money you'll make.

Sign up to be an Ambassador here!

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