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The Elemental Woman

Welcome to the Elemental Woman Blog

This is a place to come for discussion & inspiration on how women are creating solutions to some of the biggest challenges they face in running their business and leading their lives. You can expect to find straightforward discussions with other powerful leaders, challenges for you to consider to build you in your leadership, bits of humor and guest bloggers sharing their wisdom.  Share your comments and let us know what your hot topics are!

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[EW Blog] Grounding your Earth Part 1: The Squirrel Effect!

Grounding Your Earth Series: Part I - The Squirrel Effect!

Now, I'm about to share something slightly embarrassing. On my regular hikes with my friend Jenny and her dog Sadie, I see squirrels.

Doug the Up dog - squirrelI'm just like that dog in the movie "Up." Regardless of where we are in a conversation we're having, I'll say, "Squirrel!"

Now, squirrels are cute. But I've never been drawn to them as a spirit animal or anything.

But after weeks of daily squirrel sightings, even in unlikely places, I knew something was up. I was starting to experience what I now call "The Squirrel Effect."

[EW Blog] Connect to Your Passion

Sparking Your Fire Series: Part I - Get Connected

Are you starting your day with the question, "How Good Can I Stand It?"

This potent inquiry helps you stay focused on the good happening in your life, rather than looking for what's wrong. As you live into an inquiry, the first thing that shows up isn't always a clear line to the good stuff.

The truth is, you'll first see the places you get in your own way. It can be tempting to isolate or back off, but the key is to reach out and connect. You may experience old limiting beliefs or old childhood fears coming up for healing. This is good. It's clearing the way to expand your capacity for GREAT things ahead.

When you're growing your edges as an entrepreneur, there are 3 key connections women tend to forget...

[EW Blog] Your Vision REALized

Awaken Your Wood Series: Part VI - Your Vision REALized

Order from Chaos


 Do you notice that you get little breadcrumb messages from the universe each day reminding you that you truly are on the right path?

{EW Blog} Becoming Unstoppable

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