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The Elemental Woman

Sparking Your Fire Series:

Part I - Get Connected


The Fire element sparks passion & play, so you become a more effective leader. In this series, we'll explore how to be more confident, joyful and wealthy through contribution, community, collaboration and celebration!

Start with Yourself

Are you starting your day with the question, "How Good Can I Stand It?"

This potent inquiry helps you stay focused on the good happening in your life, rather than looking for what's wrong. As you live into an inquiry, the first thing that shows up isn't always a clear line to the good stuff.

The truth is, you'll first see the places you get in your own way. It can be tempting to isolate or back off, but the key is to reach out and connect. You may experience old limiting beliefs or old childhood fears coming up for healing. This is good. It's clearing the way to expand your capacity for GREAT things ahead.

When you're growing your edges as an entrepreneur, there are 3 key connections women tend to forget:

1. Your Feminine power lies in your connection to the Divine

With our busy lives, it can be easy to get caught up in circumstances and kick into overdrive trying to make it all happen by yourself. You may forget that you're connected to a limitless source that supplies your every need, right now (even when you don't have any evidence of it!).

What are you connected to right now? Your fear? Or your power?

Be the Empress.

Honey CrownThe Queen's job is to sit on the throne, connect to the Divine and be present. She radiates love and connection from her heart, one of the key rulers of the Fire Element. This allows her to follow her deepest intuition and be able to connect with people at the most profound levels.

When you're centered in your heart, connected to the Divine, then you can truly connect with others and reach their hearts. And they will go with you anywhere.

Throughout the day, notice what if you are connected to your heart, and BE the queen.




2. Your clients want YOU - connect from your authentic self

Mask off

When you get caught up in striving for perfection, wanting to look good or pretending like you have it all together, you actually repel clients. People want ALL of you.

Think about how inspired you've been by someone who really laid it out there with vulnerability & honesty. Pretty inspiring, isn't it? People easily spot if you're being insincere or hiding out. Stop pretending, and tell on yourself. This generates more connection.

Participate in your business and your life in a way that invites others to play with you.

What does it take to step up and really step out, beyond the masks of looking good?

What is it to be present to the privilege of being human? That's what you're inspiring in your audience - permission to be more of themselves.

The Fire element invokes alchemy & purification.

Here's the way I'm talking about alchemy:

"Alchemy is best known for turning lead into gold...but it's simply a metaphor for the soul being freed from a "dead, leaden state of mind," so you can realize your own light nature that is derived from pure spirit."

When you know your true nature is to shine your unique light, you can burn off the masks that keep you hiding. You claim your freedom and tap into who you really are and who you're becoming, so you powerfully craft your impact in the world.

The pericardium, another organ of the Fire Element, is known as the heart-protector, and helps you discern how open to have your heart so that you connect easily and openly, without oversharing. This helps you build trust with yourself to be vulnerable and discerning in who you share with and how much you share.

Connection Practice: When you find yourself hiding out or trying to look good, notice if you're connected to your heart and tell on yourself. Drop into your heart and connect to what you want for the person you're talking to and say, "I'm so excited to work with you that I'm trying to impress you. The truth is that I'm really looking forward to what you will discover as we work together."

3. Connect with people who uplift you.

Be with those who help your beingBeing around people who are critical, negative or judgmental drains your vital energy. You have a spark. Surround yourself with people who will help you look at your business in a constructive way, rather than shut down your dreams.

Be Discerning.

With the fire element, we are called to be more open, courageous and discerning. It's important to distinguish the people, places and things that uplift you and BE with those people. The small intestine is one of the organs that rules the Fire Element and helps sort the pure from the impure, so that you give yourself the best and you show up like a clear, bright flame.

I'm not saying ditch your family or people in your life who tend to be negative. I believe there are certain people in our lives who are meant to serve as contrast - so you can see and know what you truly believe in and stand for. What I'm inviting you to do is to find a group of like-minded people who will believe in you, support you and hold you bigger than you know yourself to be today.

Connection Practice: Create a mastermind group of 3-4 people who you meet with regularly- in person, on the phone or even in a video chat. Have a process you follow to share and support each other. Be sure to create ground rules so that you have full permission to call each other forward and grow each other.