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The Elemental Woman

Grounding Your Earth Series:

Part I - The Squirrel Effect!

The Earth element grounds you with a solid foundation, invites you to experience being fully supported by Mother Earth, to reclaim your wholeness through integrity, healthy boundaries, and getting nuturing support & self-care so you can show up fully for your business!

I should have known when my client called me her “Chief Squirrel Wrangler” at the end of a session. I laughed so hard that I posted this on Facebook, along with a picture of light-saber wielding squirrels:

Squirrel jedis

“I love my new client!

Today, she gave me the funniest compliment - she said I'm her Chief Squirrel Wrangler (to manage all of the squirrels that run around in her head!).

I've always said," Your mind is like a bad neighborhood, don't go there alone," but I never realized there were squirrel mafias lurking in the shadows trying to run things. So glad I can help!”

Now, I'm about to share something slightly embarrassing. On my regular hikes with my friend Jenny and her dog Sadie, I see squirrels.

Doug the Up dog - squirrelI'm just like that dog in the movie "Up." Regardless of where we are in a conversation we're having, I'll say, "Squirrel!"

Now, squirrels are cute. But I've never been drawn to them as a spirit animal or anything.

But after weeks of daily squirrel sightings, even in unlikely places, I knew something was up. I was starting to experience what I now call "The Squirrel Effect."

Like a few weeks ago, when I was facilitating choir rehearsal - a squirrel ran up to the glass doors and put it's paws up to look in, and I said out loud, "A squirrel is knocking on the door!" (mind you, everyone was facing me and I was the only person who could see out the doors).

Okay Spirit, I get the hint. So I looked it up...and was fascinated by an article that said Squirrels are the symbol of gathering playfulness.

I've never seen those words put together this way, but resonated with the ideas that the Squirrel medicine represents: the importance of being prepared by gathering the things that support you to thrive, being flexible and resourceful when facing obstacles, balance giving & receiving, take time to play and remembering to build trust that you are always taken care of, no matter what's going on in your life.

The more I read, the more I realized how much I need to learn from Squirrel medicine right now, and how it’s perfect to share in this Earth Element season.

The article reminded me of 7 key things Squirrel medicine teaches us that I'd love to share through the lens of the Earth Element:

1. Perseverance – Don’t give up. There is always a way forward.

Don't Give up squirrelThe Earth Element is represented by Gaia, the Great Earth Mother. She is a solid foundation that we stand on. She reminds us to be unshakeable. Just like the squirrel doesn't give up, even when they forget where they put their nuts, they persevere.

Earth uses whatever is happening to create rich fertilizer to nurture the dreams we want to bring into reality. Be strong as a mountain by having a solid foundation. If you build on sand, the foundation will falter. Earth asks us to create a foundation of integrity and support.

What is your foundation made of right now?

2. Be flexible when it comes to allowing and starting change

Flexible squirrelBeing unshakeable also means retrofitting our foundations so that it can handle any earthquakes. When shifts happen, we adjust, assess and move on. Be willing to learn the lessons and glean the knowledge from the challenges, and then integrate them as you move forward.

Bracing and resisting change keeps us small and struggling. Being an entrepreneur (or a human of any kind for that matter) means building your skills in resilience.

What needs retrofitting in your business?

3. Be prepared – gather what you need.

What are you gathering? Don’t gather negative beliefs and emotions. "Gather the things that boost your faith in love and abundance." That has been my practice. Lighten the load mentally, physically and emotionally. Surround yourself with the support and guidance of a team and mentors that will nurture your growth. Invite negative thoughts and beliefs to move on. 

In squirrel terms this means, don't store bad nuts!

4. Take time to play.

Guitar SquirrelThere is time for everything in life. Balance between work, play, rest and contemplation. Part of the harvest time is to steep yourself in gratitude for the abundance that is here, right now ready to flourish in your life.

If you're too busy gathering nuts, you'll get disconnected from your community and forget to play! Be sure to infuse your day with connection and play so you can feel balanced and fulfilled.

5. Don’t have too much on your plate at any one time.

One mistake I see so many entrepreneurs doing is scattering their focus. I know we need to wear multiple hats (and hope that you're delegating as much as possible!), but when you're trying to do too many things at once, you diffuse your power.

This reminds me how setting healthy boundaries is a key aspect of the Earth Element. The earth gives water boundaries so that the river can flow easily to a destination. Darting in too many directions diffuses focus and scatters energy.

Your yes is only as powerful as your no. What do you need to say no to right now, so that you can empower your YES fully?

6. Speak clearly or be still and listen

Don’t fill your life with chatter. Tune in, then share or be still and listen. If you have lots of ideas or find that you've been sharing your dreams but aren't taking action to ground those dreams, it may be a good idea to slow down and listen.

One thing I teach leaders in The Elemental Woman™ Leadership Program is to listen while they are speaking. Are you being heard? Is your message landing with your audience?

I love the acronym W.A.I.T. - Why Am I Talking?

Use this, especially when you're speaking with potential clients. Be intentional in the words you use and use the 80/20 rule in communications - listen more and talk less.

7. Let your defenses down and learn to trust more

Loving squirrelsLife is on your side.

One of the primary decisions you have to make is whether you believe that the universe is friendly or not. This defines how you go out into the world every day. If you believe that the world is a safe place, full of people who want the best for you, then you can relax and receive the good that is coming your way.


Are you ready to receive the harvest?

Are you willing to let in the good and abundance that is here for you?

Harvest the good stuff. And, start to notice how the Squirrel Effect helps you in your life!